The Star Entertainment System is one of the best toys on the market this holiday season for kids who love to sing and dance. All of those reality tv shows are making a new generation of stars, and lots of young devotees want to get in on the act. With this toy set, they can try this in a safe setting at home. Who knows? This toy might lead to a future performing career in the limelight for young players.

This marvellous entertainment system contains the Star Station itself along with 2 microphones and a kid-friendly ROM cartridge with four good songs! There is a line of alternative ROM cartridges in shops so there are always additional songs to learn and stage!

The Star Station Entertainment system helps youngsters to have great fun performing well-known songs that the whole family can get pleasure from, and would create a superb fun addition to your Christmas day memories! The cartridges incorporate simplified, child friendly versions of well-liked songs and themed songs, and with the straightforward-to-use Star Entertainment system hooked up to your TV, your youngsters can sing together with the lyrics!

It's a fun set to play with, but it could well cause youngsters wanting to explore the further step and create music of their own, and while the Star Entertainment System will give a lot of fun and enjoyment for those youngsters who play with it, there is no capability for making music of their own with it. There are more devices around to permit youngsters to try and do that, however this one will definitely help them work off a bit of that extra energy as they dance and sing to their favorite songs.